Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lesson 1 Reflection`

On Tuesday, July 14, I taught my first observed lesson.  My lesson topic was reading and I focused on the skill cause and effect.  I used one of my favorite books, Pete the Cate, My New School Shoes.  I choose this book because it has great examples of cause and effect, it has a great message of "brushing things off", and the kids LOVE it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                What went well:  The best part of my lesson was my students being engaged throughout the story by partner talking, singing the song, and answering questions. I think they have an understanding cause and effect!  When they sang the song from the story, it was so cute!  They also placed all the examples of cause and effect in the correct places.  I loved hearing the conversations they had during partner talk. 

What did not go as planned: A lot of my kids have trouble staying focused.  Towards the end, they got a little antsy.  Two students also are not very verbal so they did not share with their partners as I would have liked them to.  I realized that the Brain Pop video was a little too long so as soon as I saw them starting to zone out, I stopped the video and continued on with the lesson.

How to change for subsequent lessons: I would love to further the lesson and have my higher students create a book about cause and effect.  

Comments from university supervisor


  1. It was a great lesson and I loved the BrainPop video. I'm glad you monitored and adjusted when you saw the students loose their focus. I couldn't tell from observing that you changed the lesson a little. I also really enjoyed the book.

  2. This sounds like a fantastic lesson, Mary Chappell! Reading is my favorite subject to teach because of all the ways you can engage students in the text. It sounds like you did a great job of meeting the needs of your different learners. Turn and talk, a read aloud, song, and BrainPop! Excellent job. Being next door, I can feel the good energy coming from your class. Keep up the good work with your cuties!

  3. It sounds like your lesson was very animated and engaging. I am sure that your lesson will stay with your students. It is so cute to see how you interact with your little ones. It gives me inspiration with the big kids.

  4. Mary Chappell, I enjoyed reading your lesson reflection. I know you and your students had a great time! I remember last summer you talked about apps on the iPad that students could use to make books. I know students would enjoy creating their own books, plus it would be very meaningful.

  5. Mary Chappell,

    I truly enjoyed being a part of this lesson and watching you teach. I learn so much each day from you. I find your teaching style to be so natural, engaging, and empowering. You have such an amazing gift. I can't express enough how much I enjoy working beside you and learning all I do.

    My best,

  6. MC,
    I enjoyed reading your reflection--humble and insightful. I love watching you interact with your little ones! You work so well with them and this reality can be affirmed in your first lesson. Let's be honest, "I used one of my favorite books, Pete the Cat, My New School Shoes" is only a sentence you hear from an elementary teacher who loves what she's doing! I like how you monitored and adjusted the pacing of your lesson when you began to notice students' disengagement. I think that a book-making activity would be a wonderful extension for an authentic, summative assessment.