Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lesson 2 Reflection

On Tuesday, July 21, I taught a math lesson on pictographs.  We used fruit loops to graph and answer questions about.  The kids love to use food manipulatives! 

What went well: The kids were really engaged the entire time.  They listened, sat in their chairs and desks, and answered questions.  When it was time for independent work, they got right to it.  Most students needed help reading the questions, but could answer them.  I was able to use what the students did as a direct assessment because I was able to know who could CREATE a graph and who could INTERPRET a graph, which are verbs in the essential questions.  Sometimes as teachers, it is easy to forget the purpose of the lesson and what we are looking for.  It is important to refer to the standard and essential question.

What didn't go well: Well...two students could simply not wait to get their hands on those fruit loops and as I was modeling how to make the graph, they reached and ate some of the fruit loops.  Then, I am pretty sure they ate play dough as well.  They must have been really hungry.  Other than that, the lesson was very smooth and engaging!

In the future, I will have students create bar graphs from the pictographs to push those bright little thinkers!


  1. It was a great lesson! I enjoy seeing the students learn using manipulatives and food is always an incentive for learning. You did a great job explaining the lesson and the students seemed to enjoy it. The bar graphs would be a great move from concrete to abstract thinking.

  2. I would probably be one of those two students could simply not wait to get their hands on those fruit loops.
    I like how your class is known for using hands on manipulatives to teach to all learning needs. As I observed some of your students I understand that most of them are kinesthetic learners